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Greetings for the Spring Festival from Aimer lingerie brand: "Everything goes

WORLD 16:17: Jan-12, 24

The Spring Festival is one of the most significant traditional festivals in China, an integral part of Chinese and Eastern cultures. During this special occasion, various cultural regions and global Chinese communities engage in grand celebrations and exchange blessings, conveying well-wishes to one another.

Aimer lingerie brand continues its annual tradition, and this year, under the theme of "Everything goes well" , we extend this New Year's greetings to our global consumers.

At the beginning of the Chinese New Year, it is widely believed in the East that a year ahead brings good fortune and good things are on the horizon. All the New Year's greetings exchanged during this time can be summarized as the anticipation of "good things happening."

As we embark on a new journey, Aimer lingerie brand wishes to send New Year blessings to consumers worldwide, hoping that all "good things" will come your way. We also hope that throughout the new year, Aimer lingerie brand will still remains by your side, offering elegant products and a lifestyle filled with thoughtful and warm experiences, blending design sensibilities with Eastern emotions.

Wishing you a joyful Spring Festival! May You Enjoy Good Health. Health is considered one of the most precious treasures, without which all other things become nothing. Only in good health, we can they enjoy life, work, and courageously pursue our goals. Aimer lingerie brand sincerely wishes that you can embrace the new year with a healthier and more positive attitude.

Wishing you a joyful Spring Festival! May Your Career Prosper. In this new era, regardless of nationality, skin color, race, or gender, everyone takes pride in having their own career. A career represents value and achievement, and it also signifies a positive impact on oneself and society.

Since 2010, Aimer lingerie brand has embarked on an 'overseas' journey, bringing more exquisite intimate apparel to a broader international market. Now, Aimer lingerie brand has opened several boutique stores overseas, including in places like Macau, Singapore, Dubai, and Cambodia. These stores serve as the 'windows' for brand interaction with overseas consumers, bearing the brand's care, support, and interaction with consumers.

As the year 2024 begins, Aimer lingerie brand once again wishes all our users a fresh start with a renewed image. May you have good fortune every year and be joyful at all times!


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