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iFLYTEK's Smart Hardware Now Available in Singapore

WORLD 11:18: Nov-27, 23

On November 24, 2023, AI hardware products under iFLYTEK, a leading Chinese technology company, officially debuted in well-known retail channels in Singapore, such as Courts, Harvey Norman, ATRIX, and simultaneously started sales on online platforms like Shopee and Lazada. This product launch marks a significant stride in iFLYTEK's strategic expansion into the Singaporean market, providing local users with more intelligent and convenient lifestyle solutions.

Local users in Singapore experiencing the products at Harveynorman.

At the Singapore launch event held in June this year, iFLYTEK showcased a series of powerful AI hardware products, including Smart Translator, Smart Recorder, and more. The event garnered participation from numerous partners and industry professionals, who highly praised iFLYTEK's products. Singapore, renowned as a global financial center and technological innovation hub, boasts a highly developed economy and diverse culture. Choosing to introduce its products in the Singaporean market reflects iFLYTEK's commitment to this market and understanding of the needs of Singaporean users.

Eric Zhao, Vice President of iFLYTEK and Executive Vice President of the Consumer Business Group, delivering a speech at the launch event.

iFLYTEK Products: Intelligent Life Companions for Consumers

Singaporean consumers have high purchasing power and a strong demand for high-quality, intelligent products. iFLYTEK's product range covers Smart Translator, Smart Recorder, VoiceBook, and more, offering advanced solutions to Singaporean users for seamless cross-language communication, high-quality audio recording, and enriched reading experiences. Among these, Smart Translator stands out as a representative product, supporting online and offline translation in multiple languages to meet users' cross-language communication needs both domestically and internationally. iFLYTEK's Smart Recorder, with features such as high-quality recording, voice recognition and transcription, has gained popularity among users. Additionally, VoiceBook, presenting books in audio format, provides users with a more immersive reading experience.

Market Expansion in Singapore: A Global Milestone

Expanding into the Singaporean market is a crucial step for iFLYTEK in achieving its goal of empowering global users. Singapore's multicultural and multilingual environment provides valuable opportunities for iFLYTEK to showcase its advanced voice technology and solutions on the international stage. By meeting the needs and expectations of Singaporean users, iFLYTEK aims to enhance the experience and satisfaction of its global user base.

iFLYTEK Smart Translator

For iFLYTEK, the product launch in the Singaporean market is also a significant step toward providing better services to global users. iFLYTEK's global plan positions Singapore as a key node, further consolidating its competitive position and brand influence in the global market. Successful promotion in the Singaporean market will attract more international attention and collaboration, facilitating the expansion of its business globally and strengthening cooperation with Singapore and other international markets. Through in-depth collaboration with the Singaporean market, iFLYTEK will continually improve its products and services to meet diverse user needs, creating a brighter future for intelligent voice technology on a global scale.

iFLYTEK, guided by its mission to use artificial intelligence to co-create a better life, will continue to launch its products in more global markets, working towards the goal of empowering users worldwide. iFLYTEK will stay attuned to the needs of global users, innovate continuously, and provide users with more intelligent and convenient voice solutions. As the global plan unfolds, iFLYTEK looks forward to collaborating with more international partners to jointly shape a promising future.

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